Postponed – 8th Parent Teachers science Week Starts March 16th!

Do not miss the opportunity this time!

We have options for all parents:
– Come and take pictures!
– Help us to facilitate one of the workshops we already have designed, we try some different ones each year and bring back very cool ones.
– Bring your own interactive and fun workshop, we help you to get volunteers to assist you!

You can volunteer as little as 2 hours, or as many days as you would like, volunteering hours count!

You can be part of it regardless your experience in STEM, we need volunteers that want their children to have fan while learning.

When is it? March 16th to March 20th

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30m

Click on the following button to see the schedule and to register as volunteer of the 8th Parent Teachers Science Week in Saint Agatha

Enjoy next some of the pictures from last year

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St. Agatha at the South Shore Science Festival

St. Agatha was well represented at the South Shore Science Festival, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Carito and Ms. Powers supported the students that placed in a very high place the name of the school, some of the presenters include:

PresenterProject / Activity / Workshop Name
Can you pop a balloon with a skewer?
Amber FoleyVolcanoes
How does an electric motor works
What went wrong with the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Tyler AmesWhich Salt will grow the most crystals?
Dry Ice Bubbles
Connor CliffordWhich Do you Hit Further With- A Metal or Wooden Bat?
Are Fingerprints inheritable?
Liam KellyDoes the weight of a hockey puck affect the damage to a foam board.
Improve your Chess!

St. Agatha Students claimed two trophees

Two St. Agatha Students honored the name of Saint Agatha School, bringing two trophees for the categories 4th and 5th grade and 1st and 3nd grade

In the photos below Victoria on the left and
Bruno on the right congratulations and thank you to both!

Victoria is the first girl ever to win a trophy in this tournament.

7th Parent Teachers science Week

Outstanding participation of Parents, Teachers, Alumni and most important the students had a lot of fun during the Parent Teachers Science Week.

This week Parents shared their STEM experience with the students brining fun activities tailored according to the audience age, students were eager to participate and in fact they had a lot o fun!

Who said Math or Science or Engineering was not so fun! Ask the children again…. Here are few pictures of the experience, more will be available in a gallery coming soon.


1st Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

South Shore Science Festival

Families who have enjoyed the South Shore Science Festival the past four years will be happy to know there is more ahead this year while they’re learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math – STEM, or STEAM.  This takes you away from a traditional textbook-only, single-subject approach or traditional science fairs into interactive activities where the attendees become enthusiastic about STEM and keep it going for years to come.

This year you can get an introduction to the science of lacrosse with the Boston Cannons, Quincy’s new semi-pro lacrosse team; learn the basics to program a Robot and what the new technologies bring with Positive BCS; have fun while understanding how medical devices from Boston Scientific save lives, have your picture taken with a Star Wars character and most important, support your friends from Saint Agatha that will be proudly representing our school sharing with others how fun is STEM!

Bring a friend, bring your family and have Fun!

Learn more about it and reserve your FREE tickets now, before they are gone here:

St. Agatha Students, attend the festival and have fun, maybe next year you would like to be a presenter or volunteer here…